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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Giorno Bagno?

GIORNO BAGNO is a bath, body, and cosmetic brand that has been designed to offer everyone a pleasant feeling of well-being and personal hygiene. All products are 100% paraben-free and propylene glycol free.

When GIORNO BAGNO was created?

In March of 2011 in Embu das Artes, São Paulo State, Brazil.

What is GIORNO BAGNO`s style?

The GIORNO BAGNO`s style comes from Italy and its delicate fragrance notes are inspired by rose petals, flower leaves, and the citric, sweet, and spicy woody notes.

What is GIORNO BAGNO UOMO cosmetic line?

GIORNO UOMO is a part of GIORNO BAGNO` family specially designed For Men. It was developed for the Daily Life of the confident man who wants to leave his mark wherever he goes.

Where can I buy GIORNO BAGNO products near me?

You may access us WHERE TO BUY on our website to check for where GIORNO BAGNO products are available near you.


What is the recommended usage period after opening for any of our products?

We display the recommended period after opening on every packaging of our products. There is a pictogram showing an open jar specifying the recommended usage period once the product has been opened.

How to describe GIORNO BAGNO `s products?

Each product has a touch of smoothness, long-lasting, and a pleasant scent.

What are the main features of GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soaps?

GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soaps are carefully hand-wrapped, extra-moisturizing, creamy, and long-lasting.

What about GIORNO UOMO products?

GIORNO UOMO has products for the confident man's daily life, such as bar soaps, 2 in 1 Shampoo & Shower Gel, Colognes, and Gift Sets For Men.

What to expect from GIORNO UOMO products?

Every man will have a feeling of well-being. The UOMO line works with a woody note with spices in the Black Oud, the sweet notes wrapped by a spicy floral bouquet in the Ristretto and the citric notes originated in the Italian Mediterranean that you can find the Vintage.


How can I become a GIORNO BAGNO Resseller?

If you are interested in being a GIORNO BAGNO`s products Reseller, register on our “Become a Reseller” area today and a member of our wholesale team will contact you.

How can I find out about special GIORNO BAGNO offers?

Sign up to receive the newsletter at GIORNO BAGNO website to know about new product offers.

Which products can I have in my retail store or on my website?

You can have all GIORNO BAGNO products, including Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soap (8 different fragrances), the Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soap Gift Sets (4 different models), and the GIORNO UOMO men's line in your establishment. Just contact us through our For Resellers at www.giornobagno.com/us.