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About Giorno Bagno's Products

Welcome to the world of the long-lasting fragrances of GIORNO BAGNO.

With a touch of smoothness and a reinvigorating bath experience, GIORNO BAGNO offers an improved sensorial bath experience, complete with a Body & Cosmetic lineup to address all of our customers’ needs.

We are passionate about our high-quality products and gift sets for yourself and your beloved ones, all of which are designed with complex formulations and delicate and impactful fragrances.

Our current GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soaps 6.35oz (180g) are long-lasting, extra-moisturizing, and remarkably creamy. And our fragrances… nothing alike!

In addition, each bar is carefully hand-wrapped for an elegantly unmistakable presentation.

GIORNO BAGNO is formulated to outperform all of your personal hygiene needs. Customers will have an unforgettable sensation of complete cleansing and refreshing smoothness with our unique fragrances.

GIORNO BAGNO is also the perfect choice as a gift for your loved ones.

Also we have the Giorno Bagno Luxury GIFT SETS - 3 round bar sps 3.53oz (100g) / each, in 4 different exclusive box models to choose from. With so many wonderful options, you will want to indulge yourself!

In addition to Bath & Body, Giorno Bagno has created the GIORNO UOMO lineup designed especially for the daily life of confident men. Moisturizing bar soaps, shampoo & shower gel, colognes, and gift sets for men are all part of the UOMO lineup.

All GIORNO BAGNO products are 100% paraben-free and propylene glycol free. At GIORNO BAGNO, our goal is to offer consistently high-quality products with a lovely & delicate formula.

The delicate fragrance notes are inspired by rose petals, flower leaves, aromatic herbs, citric fruity, and sweet&spicy woody notes.

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